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Building Instruments

 I have two passions: Woodworking and stringed instruments. I began restoring vintage banjos in the 80’s and built a couple of banjos along the way. In 2005 I came across a dulcimer in need of repair. I took it apart and examined its construction. I rebuilt it and strung it up…and I was hooked. I gave up the restoration projects and spent my free time building dulcimers. Soon after, I began building ukuleles, and eventually added mandolins and I have built a few guitars as well. I moved to Colorado in late 2016 and began building fulltime.

I chose the name Cripple Creek for my mandolins to honor the rich history of the Colorado Gold Rush and the Pikes Peak region where I live and build instruments. Did you know there are at least a half a dozen songs that mention Cripple Creek? 


Variety of Musical Instruments

Offering a variety of flattop mandolins, ukuleles and mountain dulcimers, all handmade one at a time.

My flattop mandolins and mandolas are built with superior lateral bracing and  an induced arch of 96"  for added tone and volume. 


Fourteen day money back  on new instruments if you are not completely satisfied. Pay only return shipping. 48 hour approval on used instruments.



Here we have a master craftsman, David's instruments are a work of art.

Beautiful instrument - incredibly well crafted, wonderful tone - I'm very happy!

Remarkable instrument, elegant with delicious tone! 

OMG!!! What a beautiful instrument! Thank you. 

Beautifully hand crafted ... remarkable sound. Excellent!

Thank you sooo much! What a work of Art, I love everything about it !!!!


“Very resonant.  Good volume without being harsh.  Looks great too. “ 

Chuck Leyda, (Singleton Street)

“Great instrument and very nice sound
Good job!!! Many thanks” Jaime del Amo, (Musicantes)




well done man -

Downloads: Teardrop ukulele

Teardrop (m4a)


Downloads: Medieval Gittern

gittern (m4a)



Cripple Creek Mandolins